Thursday, August 27, 2009

What if we did choose the lessons we wanted to learn in this lifetime. We all have our pain, anger, and baggage in life, the things that were done to hurt us by others. Situations where people have injured us, invalidated us, or made us feel inferior or unloved definitely create damage. However, while it is difficult to accept these painful experiences, they have also helped to shape and form exactly who we are at this moment in time.

Your soul, that part of your being which knows no time or space, sees the higher perspective of the events that transpire in your everyday life. Our spirit minds, free to express themselves while we sleep, are intimately familiar with agreements already formed. The agreements between souls who enter your life for certain growth lessons or experiences in which you agreed to participate; those meetings are predestined, but their outcomes are not. The outcomes depend on the choices you make. So as we go along through life, the energies exchange and intertwine with each other in a dance of experimental existence...

What is to be taken from this, is that mixture of joy tinged with sadness. For beauty is always sad as well as joyful, is it not? The joy of being in beauty and wonder, tinged with the sadness of its ending, for all is change and movement, and We Rise and We Fall.

As I try to hold in mind the idea of sacredness and the divine origin of things, I find that often it's carried away on the winds of my thoughts. Sometimes, though, something inside surrenders, lets go. At such precious times, instead of my holding the idea of the divine, the divine holds me.

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  1. some wonderful words to live by and remember! very thought provoking!