Friday, August 7, 2009

We stand at a plateau of all that was, looking at how far we have come at this moment in time. We stand straddling the past and the present wanting so much to move into the future away from what still nips at our heels, away from what we still owe and what still owes us, away from the wounds of the past...

We look up to the Heavens, breathing down the strength to take the next step, the next journey, the next thought wondering, shall I overcome this fear, this obstacle, this limitation, in this short life. Holding on to what we know to be truth even though everything around us shifts and changes, and sometimes crumbles, as the road curves ahead to place we can not see.

It is time for us to peek in to all that is a possibility. It is time to allow our self to explain what it is our heart really needs, what it is that our humanness is so afraid of, and what it is that the divinity within asks us to have the courage to do.

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